vea oils harvest

Comments about the Harvest:

1- Production-wise this harvest has been very similar to the previous one. This year there hasn’t been any plague-related issues and the olives were in optimal condition at the moment of the reception (very healthy). On the other hand this year the oil extraction process has been more complicated than usual due to the olives containing a higher percentage of water, this forced us to mill the olives at lower speeds so we could achieve an optimal extraction.

2- This year’s recollection started almost two weeks earlier than the previous harvest, this was due to the previous months’ drought, which caused an early ripening.

Two weeks after the beginning of the harvest we had a heavy rain which stopped the recollection process for almost a week, and it also caused an increase in the water percentage of the olives.

One really positive thing about this harvest has been that the olives were of really good quality. This year’s harvest has been a fast one, finishing before the year’s end, and also this year there hasn’t been any ground frost which may have damaged the olives, thus affecting its quality.

Due to the late rains and the higher water percentage in the olives they caused, this year’s oil flavor is a little bit less intense than last year’s, even though analytically speaking this year’s oil is better than last year’s.