This year due to weather conditions, Les Costes 2016 will not be available.
We hope the weather conditions are going to be better, so we can pack Les Costes 2017 next November.

Comments about the Harvest:

1- Concerning the production, this harvest has been a little superior in terms of quantity in comparison with the last one. One more year, we did not have any problem with the pests, and the olives at the time of the reception, were in excellent conditions (very healthy) so the quality of the oil is the desired one. Unlike the last harvest, this year has been longer, and therefore finished later. This means that the low temperatures of late December and early January have affected the fruit, and therefore the quality of the late harvest oil. The oil has been discarded from January 3rd.

2- This year has started relatively late (at the beginning of November) since the maturation of the olive came with two or three weeks of delay.